About Post Boxes UK

Hi there!
We know what you’re thinking – “not another post box company on the internet”. So with so many suppliers to be found on the search engines why was Post Boxes UK created?

Simple. Far too many internet retailers focus on sales without being able to offer sound advice to their clients and customers, and in particular, offering individual units for modular / banked environments and specifications. Similarly, many architectural hardware companies sell post boxes and mail boxes as an add on without being able to offer any expertise, concentrating on just one particular manufacturers range – not surprising given the sheer volume of other architectural products they offer.

Furthermore, by being independent we can offer postboxes and letterboxes from a host of European and UK manufacturers.

With over 15 years experience selling residential post boxes manufactured in the UK, Europe and the Far East, we are specialists in banks of and multiple mailboxes for apartments and flats, and we know that certain units lend themselves better to certain environments. Whether you have a narrow lobby area with just a small surface area, or want to create a stylish focal point in minimalist lobby, we can put forward solutions to meet your needs. Don’t have the room to install internally? Again, we have the right boxes for external use.

And because Post Boxes UK keeps costs down, these savings are passed on to it’s clients. Value engineered solutions.

But not at the expense of quality, which is why we don’t offer units from the Far East. We’re pretty sure don’t need the hassle which come with cheap post boxes. We only sell letterbox units from European manufacturers.

Whether you are an architect, main contractor, sub-contractor, developer or end user contact us today by email at [email protected] with your enquiry – wherever possible, drawings in pdf format are preferred.

We can also be contacted by phone on +44 (0)121 288 0838 should you wish to discuss your requirements. We would be more than happy to assist.

Post Boxes UK also welcomes enquiries from outside of the United Kingdom, having the facility to accept Euro payments. So if you’re after briefkästen in Germany, boîtes aux lettres in France, postkasser, brievenbussen, postilaatikot or postkastid, Post Boxes UK would be happy to assist.