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Anti Theft Postboxes

Our anti theft post boxes will help protect your mail & ID. With a secure lock, anti fishing baffle to the aperture & robust steel construction these are the toughest mailboxes around. Designed to combat instances of mail and ID theft, these anti theft mailboxes are the most secure multi-unit apartment-style letterboxes available in the UK.

Conforming to European Norm standard EN13724, Secured by Design Homes Guide 2019 and Royal Mail Large Letter requirements, your mail is held safely inside the unit, helping to prevent the opportunist thief from accessing any personal or sensitive information. For more details, or should you have any questions, please email us or call 01922 218218.

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Your theft proof post box should be professionally and correctly fitted by your approved carpenter or builder, this is to ensure that your mailbox remains highly protected and the post box theft prevention qualities are not compromised during installation. There are a range of features that make our theft proof letterboxes more advanced then the average mailbox and all of these should be considered before you make a decision. Our comprehensive range of anti-theft post boxes are also fitted with industry approved locks, giving you complete confidence your mail is fully protected.

Use of quality European sourced steel and stainless-steel to manufacture our range of theft proof mailboxes ensures that each one of our products is consistently sturdy and robust, with quality European locks and secure door design. Aperture size is vital to prevent easy access from unauthorised access via the aperture. Whist a maximum aperture height of 40mm is specified by certain professional bodies, ours are narrower at 32mm complying fully with Royal Mail's Large Letter guidelines. To further protect your mail, our anti-theft post box range all come with an aperture restrictor (also known as anti fishing or anti theft baffle). This helps prevent opportunist theft of mail by fishing.

We offer a comprehensive selection of finishing touches to our theft proof letterboxes. These cover an extensive range of colour powder coating choices and metallic finishes. Stainless-steel, simulated bronze, simulated nickel, and anthracite grey are all popular finishes. You can also select between wall-mounted, free-standing or wall-recessed with the addition of a range of numbering options for each! We are flexible with your preferences and will work to get the right solution for you.

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Our Letterboxes Theft Prevention Code

Our expert knowledge allows us to provide mailbox theft prevention solutions to suit both project needs and budget. For domestic and business premises, a well-protected letterbox is crucial. Especially in high-risk external or communal areas. We can deliver to new build projects or existing developments and arrange installation of your secure anti-theft mailboxes. Office blocks or commercial buildings with street-facing frontages can be vulnerable to aspects of this type of mail crime. Equally, communal areas in blocks of apartments or university halls-of-residence, require a safe and organised method of post delivery to help letterbox theft prevention. Our multi-unit apartment style letterboxes are ideal for this purpose. A theft proof mailbox is also suggested for individual residences. Affluent neighbourhoods are often targeted by criminals, and a theft proof letterbox is just one more precaution homeowners can take. Together with security cameras and gates, as well as alarms, an anti-theft mailbox strengthens intruder defence.

With over 15 years of experience, we understand the best methods for ensuring letterbox theft prevention. This includes the manufacturing process, safeguards, and best-practice recommendations. This knowledge and experience have been prompted by the publication of both  “Secured by Design Homes Guide” and European Norm EN13724 and these standards are reflected in all of our services and product ranges. If you would like any further information about letterbox theft prevention and our products please get in touch. You can contact us by email at [email protected] or by telephone +44 (0)1922 218218.