By their nature, external mailboxes for apartments and flats have to put up with a lot: rain and moisture ingress, sun light and UV exposure, extremes of temperature, attempts of mail theft by unauthorised person by means of manipulation or violence, and the attention of our four legged friends.

Over the years, Post Boxes UK has developed it’s range of products to meet the demands of clients who are looking to install their banks of mailboxes in an external location. Dependent upon project specific criteria, there are a host of different solutions which we can offer, including but not limited to, powder coated or stainless steel finishes, choice of finishing surrounds which offer varying levels of protection, and waterproofing adaptations to help prevent water ingress. We also offer marine treatment for some units in our range, which helps prolong the lifespan of a powder coat finish in areas of high air salinity: typically increasing lifespan by uptown 4 times their usual expectancy.

For high risk external environments where mail theft might be an issue, Post Boxes UK offers a specialist range of robust, anti-theft letterboxes, designed to combat crime and keep delivered mail safe from criminals. Most attempts of mail theft are typically opportunist, and as such, heavier duty units with specialist anti-pick locks provide enough peace of mind to ensure delivered letters stay out of the hands of a criminal. The premise more material buys more time.

Contact us today at [email protected] or call 01922 218218. We would be happy to discuss your project requirements.

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